Social Media Revolution 2015 #Socialnomics Video

We don’t have a choice on whether we do social and mobile, the choice is how well we do it. – Erik Qualman

Every year the digital Dale Carnegie, A.K.A. Eirk Qualman, puts together a #socialnomics video that includes interesting facts relating to mobile technology and social media. The video never seems to fail, year after year, even though he uses a lot of the same stats.

For example, did you know that more people own a smartphone than a toothbrush? Or that grandparents are the fastest growing demographic on Twitter?

Interest Facts for 2015

So what’s new for 2015? According to Qualman, by 2018 video will account for over two-thirds of mobile usage and that’s why two-thirds of companies will increase spending on video this year.

Also, since wearable technology allows everything to be real time, marketers and brands will start to focus on how to take advantage of this new technology.

Watch the video below to see some other mind-blowing digital stats and share this with your colleagues.

Social Media Revolution 2015 by Erik Qualman. Video showcasing the power of social and mobile. Created by best selling author and keynote speaker Erik Qualman (@equalman). More information at Data from #1 Best Selling book #Socialnomics by Erik Qualman

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