25 Social Media Marketing Management Tools

Everyone needs a specific type of tool to get a job done, even social media marketers. Tools for different purposes. So here are 25 social media marketing management tools to target the right people, get better results with your content, convert more traffic and analyze your findings to improve your results.

Some of these tools require a membership or subscription to use them. I do not make any affiliate commission on any of these hyperlinks but some of the websites listed below may offer solutions for complex or time-consuming problems you may be experiencing.

If you are on a tight budget, then take a look at these 6 free social media tools to help with analytics, design and content marketing.

Targeting The Right People (Really Important)

Targeting the right people is really important because it helps ensure time is not wasted talking to people who do not fit within your target demographics. Finding influencers, to help educate or share their thoughts about your brand can make a huge difference. Here are some social media websites to help target the right audience.

1.) Tactics Cloud (www.tacticscloud.com): Target the right twitter followers and will help you grow a very relevant following for your niche audience.
2.) Lead Social (www.leadsocial.com): Target engaged fans, measure ROI and find fans who are commenting, sharing and liking your content the most (target these people).
3.) Get Little Bird (www.getlittlebird.com): Target influential people following influential people. Good tool to identify influencers you want to build relationships with because influencers not following you may be your top prospects.
4.) Group High(www.grouphigh.com): Target the right bloggers for your industry or niche!

Content – Get Better Results

Content marketing can help achieve better results. This includes creating infographics, images and pictures that help tell users more about your business, blog post or data you have aggregated. Here are some tools to help produce infographics!

5.) Piktochart (www.piktochart.com) – Gives templates and and editing options to create info graphicsz
6.) Topsy (www.topsy.com) Find content that gets lots of links – Helps you identify which types of info graphics get the most shares. Review these and identify why it was so powerful.
7.) Examiner (www.examiner.com)
8.) Slideshare (www.slideshare.com) Used well in Twitter (CARDS) and LinkedIn
9.) Knowem (smo.knowem.com) Ranks your social platforms and gives you ability to see how well social sites are doing.
10.) Open Site Explorer (www.opensiteexplorer.com) Find out what you can rank for. Helps you get found in search results.
11.) MOZ (www.moz.com/tools/seo-toolbar) Helps you understand how your blog ranks.
12.) SEM Rush(www.semrush.com) Shows you which keywords your competitors are using so you can compete and try to beat the competition with content.

Convert More Traffic

Now that you are targeting the right audience and producing better looking content, it’s time to think about how you are going to get these visitors to convert into a genuine lead or prospect. These tools will help you convert your website traffic from visitors into leads.

13.) Optin Monster (www.optinmonster.com) Lead generation tool (WordPress plugin) that allows you to create optin forms to convert visitors.
14.) View Bix (www.viewbix.com) Allows you to build subscribers within the video and overlay for email subscriptions.
15.) Lead Pages (www.leadpages.net) Landing pages can help with product-specific and product-offer campaigns (Lead Pages has some free templates to use and download).

Build your list > Create a campaign > Measure Email & Website Activity


Analyze the Results

Content marketing is powerful but not being able to identify how it relates to your results is damaging. These tools can help analyze the results from your content. By far, the best tool on this list is the Google Analytics tool. It’s free, robust and used on many websites around the internet.

16.) Post Acumen (www.postacumen.com) Good tool to measure Facebook pages and compare them against competitors or even industry leaders.
17.) Steady Demand (www.steadydemand.com) This tool will tell you if your web site will benefit from social signals on your Google Plus brand page.
18.) Simply Measured (www.simplymeasured.com/free-social-media-tools) Very useful and provide in-depth analytics of your social media sites.
19.) Brand24(www.brand24.net) Monitoring tool for Facebook, Twitter, blog and alerts you when someone mentions your name (really nice analytics).
20.) Google Analytics (www.google.com/analytics) Free to use and really important for monitoring analytics.
21.) Post Planer (www.postplanner.com) Find viral pictures to use on Facebook. Tells you what pictures are doing well and what pictures are doing well for my competitors – will help with Facebook engagement. Also can help with status updates through it’s unique Status Ideas Engine.
22.) Edit Flow (www.editflow.org) Free tool for WordPress as an editorial calendar.
23.) Barometer (www.barometer.agorapulse.com) Run your Facebook page to see how you compare with your competitors.
24.) Canva / Picmonkey / Pixlr (www.canva.com / www.picmonkey.com / www.pixlr.com) Put text on imagery with these tools.
25.) Inpwrd (www.inpwrd.com) find content within your niche.

I do not make any affiliate commission on these hyperlinks.

These tools will help you save time, increase your traffic and make your content better.

Share this with someone who you think may benefit from any of these social media marketing tools. If you have any tools you use often, but don’t see listed, please share them in the comments section below.

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