4 Super-Secret Snapchat Tips From A Snapchat Pro

Snapchat Influencer’s are like magicians, they never give up their tricks. However, when they do, you take note. Here are four Snapchat tips from a pro.


Shaun McBride (aka Shonduras) is a Snapchat Influencer who has worked with brands such as Disney, MLS, and McDonald’s. He is well known for the drawings he creates as part of the stories he tells on the mobile app. And people love them.

In this latest series of videos sponsored by Samsung, he shares some Snapchat techniques he uses when creating his content. These are Snapchat tricks for Android phones.

If you have an iPhone, check out these 10 Snapchat tricks everyone should know about.

1.) How to Draw Super Straight Lines

Most of the time when you draw a straight line, it either ends up squiggly or it is crooked. Using two fingers, you can tap on your snap with one finger, and then tap another part of the snap with your other finger to draw a straight line between your two fingers.

2.) The 50/50 Filter Trick

If you want to get creative with your snaps, you can apply two filters at one time. To do so, you pick the filter you want and slide the second filter to split the image.

Then, while holding your finger down, you can send the snap to your story and retain the split filter effect. It doesn’t work with iPhone, and it didn’t work fully with an Android version I tested out either.

3.) How to Draw Like a Pro With Opacity

This feature is only available in Android and is very easy to use. After selecting your preferred color, you can drag your finger to the left on the color selector while tapping the screen and pick a different hue of that color.

4.) The Long Distance Selfie

Watch this video and you will have one of those, “Why didn’t I think of that” moments.


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Do you have any other Snapchat tips that you use? Share them in the comment section below. Or, share your Snapchat name in the comment section so others can follow you.

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