6 Free Social Media Tools To Help With Analytics, Design and Content Marketing

During the Social Media Marketing World conference, I listened to Ian Cleary speak about 25 different types of helpful social media marketing tools.

He talked about tools that measure. Tools that help optimize. Tools that listen and tools to help with design. Some of these tools are free and others are not. So I wanted to share with you some of the free social media marketing tools he talked about.

The list below includes five tools from Ian’s list of 25. The sites below offer free features and may limit some options. I do not receive any money if you use any paid features from the sites I have mentioned below.

With that being said, the sixth social media tool below is something I have been using for over a year. It’s called, If This Then That, and it is an extremely robust automation tool.

1.) PicMonkey.com (Design)

http://www.picmonkey.com/ – PicMonkey is a free tool to put text, filters and symbols on images. And it is very easy to use. You upload images and there are a lot of free filters, props, and options to quickly creating images for use on social media or in blog posts without worrying about copyright infringement law (as long as you follow it in the first place).

A good example of this was during a social media conference I was recently at. Becky Scott was in the audience, live tweeting the speaker, as was I, but she had used a service like picmonkey to take a picture of the speaker and then overlay their quote on it. With picmonkey, it’s really quick and easy to accomplish this effect.

2.) SteadyDemand.com (Analytics)


http://www.steadydemand.com – Steady Demand offers a free Google+ analytics tool that will give you suggestions to help optimize your profile. Suggestions include adding a website to your profile for SEO benefits or filling your entire profile out to maximize exposure through Google+ search. I thought it was helpful tool to fully optimize your Google+ profile quickly. For Facebook, use www.likealyzer.com.

3.) OpenSiteExplorer.com (Analytics)


http://www.opensiteexplorer.com – MOZ Open Site Explorer offers a free trial and a paid version. The free trial is limited to three website queries per day. The paid version offers many other features which I did not explore. Open Site Explorer will return website domain authority, page authority and page link metrics for free. It can help you identify what you want to rank for and see what your competitors are ranking for.

4.) SlideShare.com (Content Marketing)


http://www.slideshare.com – Slide Share solves the problem of integrating pdf files, presentations and brochures into interactive, digital and measurable pieces of content. They embed well within blogs and social media networks such as Twitter and LinkedIn. It is a free service to use however there are other paid tiers that offer additional features.

The one and only drawback with slide share is that they recently removed the ability to remove comments from specific pieces of content uploaded. Not sure why they did this, but having that feature available would open their platform up into extremely regulated industries.

Below is an example of how slideshare works. Shout out to Anne McColl for putting together and sharing it with everyone.

5.) inpwrd.com (Content Marketing)


http://www.inpwrd.com – In Powered helps you find content within your niche very quickly. And it does it for free, you just need to register an account with them. Talk about saving time! But I do heed warning. You may need to spend some time sifting through the various articles to identify credible sources.

For the most part, the search results are pulled from some more credible places on the internet but depending upon your subject matter, you will want to take a deeper look at who is writing what you are reading (I think this goes for anything on the internet for that matter).

6.) ifttt.com (Automation)


http://www.ifttt.com – If this then that is an automation tool that I have been experimenting with for over a year now. I really like it because it give you a little more control of what type of content you want automated. And how you want it to look when it is automated.

Automated content can be abused and I am against that. I’ve also talked about some potential problems with social media automation websites but I think ifttt.com is worth looking into.

Ifttt.com allows you cross post content to multiple platforms with recipes that have triggers. If used strategically, you could potentially have custom-automated posts going out on all your networks without having to post to each network individually.

If you find any of these tools useful please share this article with your friends. If you have any tools to suggest please add them in the comment section below.

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