6 Instagram IFTTT Recipes For Marketers To Use This Summer

Social media automation can be awesome and it can be terrifying. If your just getting started, deciding what to automate and how to execute it can be tough. 

In my experience, I have found two automation websites that provide a lot of value by giving users many different options. They are IFTTT and Zapier and they both offer different social media automation options.

For this article, I’m going to cover 10 Instagram IFTTT recipes that can help with your Instagram marketing.

1. Instagram to Twitter

IFTTT Recipe: Automatically post your Instagrams as Twitter photos connects instagram to twitter

Instagram and Twitter don’t get along. But that shouldn’t be your problem. Using this IFTTT recipe allows you skirt the counter-programming that doesn’t allow users to share Instagram pictures to Twitter as native photos. You can set the recipe to trigger when you use a specific hashtag or for every picture. This is good for marketers because it can reduce the amount of time needed to post the same picture and caption to Instagram and then again to Twitter.

2. Instagram to Flickr

IFTTT Recipe: Automatically upload your Instagram photos to Flickr connects instagram to flickr

If your company uses Flickr, then this IFTTT recipe can help automate the same post from Instagram to Flickr. Instagram already has this function built in. So this may seem a bit redundant. But if you want to keep applications segmented and not synchronize Flickr with Instagram, then this recipe can act as a substitute.

3. Instagram to Dropbox

IFTTT Recipe: Save all your Instagram photos to Dropbox connects instagram to dropbox

Instagram gives you an option to save all your pictures to camera roll after you post them. You can adjust this feature in the settings of the app. If you have low memory on your phone, or if you want to store everything in a single place that gives many people access to the content, then this recipe is for you!

This is great for teams who need access to a library of Instagram pictures. All content can be stored in a Dropbox account and then accessed via the web. The current workaround is to view the image on the web, view the webpage’s source, and then find the url path for the desired image.

4. Instagram to iPhone

IFTTT Recipe: Save the photos you like on Instagram to an album on your iPhone connects instagram to ios-photos

For brands that like to run campaigns on Instagram, this iPhone recipe may be useful. By setting up this recipe, you can save the photos you like on Instagram to an album on your iPhone. Anytime you save a photo on Instagram, it is then downloaded into your phone.

This can give you easy access to post the picture as part of a shout out or way of mentioning those participating in the campaign. Works on iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

5. Instagram to Email

IFTTT Recipe: Get an email every time anyone you choose posts on Instagram connects instagram to email

Marketers who need to keep an eye one emerging trends, competitors, or people of influence should look into this tool that sends them an email each time an account posts on Instagram. Fashion bloggers who follow influencers can use this to stay ahead of the curve. News outlets could benefit from being the first to know when someone of interest within their niche posts to Instagram. The options are really endless on this one.

5. Instagram to Email Using Location

IFTTT Recipe: Neighborhood watch! Email me a daily digest of Instagrams posted in my area connects instagram to email-digest

This Instagram automation setup will email you a daily digest of Instagrams posted to a specific area of your choice. Outdoor shopping malls can use it as added surveillance. Restaurant owners can use it to market their services or products through customer content. Sports teams can keep their communities involved with it, especially during live events. Again, another one with many options.

6. Instagram to Dropbox Using Hashtags

IFTTT Recipe: Save any photo by anyone posted on Instagram that has a specific #hashtag connects instagram to dropbox

Marketers who run Instagram campaigns can use this recipe to save all the photos users submit for a specific hashtag. There are other services that provide this feature. However, the benefit of this setup is that you get all of the pictures in your Dropbox. So accessing them to re-share or feature on a microsite is very easy.

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