Breakdown of All Social Media Background, Cover Image and Profile Picture Sizes 2013


Social media background and profiles have evolved over time.

I remember when YouTube and MySpace permitted nearly full HTML customization of their channels.

Well, times have changed, and editing profile pictures is now just a simple click and upload procedure.

Looking like a social media veteran has never been as easy as it is now as long as you can effectively setup your social media profile images. For this reason, it’s important to understand the necessary size requirements for each social media background, cover image and profile picture so that you too can look like a pro too.

That’s why I created this quick breakdown of all current social media image sizes. They all have a specific purpose so it is important that they all look clean when you setup your profiles. For a full breakdown, check out this detailed infographic or view it below.

Facebook Page – (template download)

Cover Image = 851×315 pixels

Profile Image = 180×180 pixels (gets reduced to 160×160 pixels)

Timeline Image = 600×600 pixels (or bigger)

Twitter Profile – (template download)

Background Image = 1600×1200 pixels

Cover Image = 520×260 pixels (used as background for mobile)

Profile Image = 80×80 pixels

Google+ Page – (template download)

Cover Image = 2560×1440 pixels (can be edited thereafter)

Profile Image = 250×250 pixels (used for YouTube if connected)

YouTube Channel – (template download)

Cover Image = 2560×1440 pixels

Profile Image = 250×250 pixels (if synced with G+, then profile image is ported through)

LinkedIn Page – (template download)

Cover Image = 646×220 pixels

Profile Image = 100×60 pixels

Profile Image (Small) = 50×50 pixels

Tumblr Profile

Profile Image = 150×150 pixels

Pinterest Profile

Profile Image = 160×165 pixels

Instagram Profile

Profile Image = 110×110 pixels

The above template downloads are not deemed 100% safe unless your antivirus software deems it so. I take no responsibility for any damage to your computer, hardware or devices as a result of you downloading these templates. Please download at your own risk. I only provide these as a source.

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