Everything You Need to Know About Snapchat Chat 2.0 In One Infographic

Staying true to it’s roots of being a messaging app, Snapchat’s newest Chat 2.0 feature allows their users to communicate in almost every possible way.

The new chat feature allows Snapchatters to pick between multiple lines of communication. Users can still send snaps to each other, video chat, as well as send images from their camera roll.

But now we can send each other stickers, create custom notes with audio (custom gifs), one-on-one live stream, and make audio calls.


Here is everything you need to know about Snapchat chat 2.0 in one infographic.

How to send a note: Press and hold camera icon or phone icon to record and send a note. To cancel, drag the note to the X.

How to video chat: Tap the camera icon to start video chatting. Your friend can ignore, join, or watch you. Swipe down to minimize your friend’s video. For audio calls, just tap the phone icon.

How to send stickers: Tap the sticker icon and then choose a sticker.

Pro tip: Type a word (like ‘love’), then tap the sticker icon to see if any stickers match!

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