Facebook Organic Reach Solution That Even Facebook Uses

Ever since Facebook’s December News Feed change, Facebook page owners are realizing just how important it is to cultivate their audience in a controlled environment.

Never build your content ship on rented land. – @JoePulizzi Tweet:

Brands are being forced to now pay for the same results they once received for free forcing them to evaluate how much time and money they are investing in their page. Some will pay to play. And some will walk away.


Facebook writes that due to more connections taking place, more content is being shared and as a result, content is competing for placement within the News Feed. They warn that page owners may see a decline in organic reach and encourage a mixture of paid and engaging posts to fill your fans appetites.

But you may have another option. Leverage your brand ambassadors to disseminate your messages on their profiles. It’s a hack to getting your messages out to an audience without Facebook forcing you to pay for it. Because Facebook isn’t limiting the amount of content people see from personal profiles.

This Facebook organic reach solution that even Facebook uses to game their social network can easily be implemented in any organization. However employees may be a little wary.

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