Fail-Proof Approach To Executing An Instagram Strategy for Weddings

I recently had the opportunity to attend a wedding that I helped setup an Instagram media strategy for. It was my brothers wedding and I was the best man, so I guess I had to show up to the party.

The strategy that I came up with was surrounded around Instagram, because that’s the most popular photo sharing platform around town. And since the Facebook-owned mobile app has a pretty open API, social media automation within the network is easier done, than said.

If you know what you’re doing…

Instagram Strategy for Weddings

Background: Weeks leading up to the big event, I had a conversation with the groom and bride. They had two specific requests. First, they wanted to retain all the images shared by the wedding attendees. Secondly, the bride wanted all the images to be auto-posted to her Pinterest board, “My Big Day!”

With the different automation tools available, I knew that accomplishing these needs wouldn’t be a big deal. When I got married five years ago, we didn’t have these tools available. Crazy how time flies.

Note: It’s important to gauge the needs of the wedding duo. If you meet their expectations, then they will be happy. Sometimes, their needs may not be attainable and therefore you should focus on making them so.

The #Hashtag: A hashtag is extremely important to executing on wedding day. Research should be done prior to ensure that the hashtag is very unique. This is because whenever someone uses it, a reaction will be triggered.

If it is not unique, then you’ll retain content you don’t want that.

Setting It All Up: The focus was on Instagram. I used IFTTT to automate processes throughout the day. There were multiple approaches to retaining the content. This is what I used:

Instagram #Picture to Dropbox

IFTTT Recipe: Instagram #Picture to Dropbox connects instagram to dropbox

The IFTTT recipe above will send any picture with a specific hashtag to a designated Dropbox account. Therefore, pictures uploaded with the wedding day hashtag will also be retained into a Dropbox account.

Instagram #Video to Dropbox

IFTTT Recipe: Instagram #Video to Dropbox connects instagram to dropbox

This recipe is the same as the one above except instead of pictures, videos will be uploaded to Dropbox.

Instagram Picture From Area to Dropbox

IFTTT Recipe: Instagram Picture From Area to Dropbox connects instagram to dropbox

This recipe is triggered anytime someone from a specific area uploads a picture to Instagram. This is the fail-proof recipe that you will want to implement. It helps ensure those pictures that are uploaded without the hashtag are still retained. You’ll also want to setup an identical recipe for videos too.

To push this content to Pinterest, you’ll need to duplicate the recipes above but instead of uploading to Dropbox, set them to go to a specific Pinterest board. That’s what I did, and it worked out really well.

To make sure these triggers were going, I downloaded the IFTTT mobile app. It allows you to run the recipes whenever you want. I found this to be beneficial so that I could keep the recipe running all throughout the day.

I hope you found some value in this article. If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask away in the comment section below.

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