5 Reasons Why You Should Never Buy Social Media Fans or Followers

Many new business and startups face the hurdle of getting fresh fans or followers to their social media profiles. The question I hear a lot is, “When should I buy fake fans or followers?” or “what is the benefit of buying fake fans?”

The answer is never and none. Never ever should you buy fake social media fans or followers, unless you’re a politician, because they offer no benefit to your company in the long run. Find out how many of your followers are fake by visiting StatusPeople.com.


There is no immediate benefit from this course of action besides looking bigger than you really are. If that’s the case, then go for it. Buy all the fake fans in the world, if that’s possible, and then you’ll really have nothing to show for it. I’m talking bottom line.

Here are five reasons why you should never purchase social media fans and more importantly, waste your money.

1. Fake fans cannot engage with your posts, tweets or images. They simply cannot engage with your content because they do not exist. This hurts your engagement percentage and creates a larger divide between the actual number of followers you have versus the amount of them that are talking about your brand.

2. Fake fans have fake friends. They cannot purchase your goods, utilize your services or become fans. These fake friends get paid to follow brands. Therefore there is no reason why they would like your page or follow you on twitter unless you paid them too. Ultimately, fake fans have zero weight by way of their digital footprint because all of their friends are fake too.

3. Fake fans cannot be tracked and re-targeted. Their profiles are setup to fool others into thinking they are real but in fact, you cannot track and re-target these fake fans because there is nothing real to track. All of their activity is based upon one action item and that is actually liking or following a page. Outside of that action, they can not be viewed as opportunities.

4. Fake fans can be expensive. I know what your thinking, but fake fans are expensive because they have no ROI. Every $8 dollars you throw at 1,000 new followers goes strait down the drain because the top social media websites go through a procedure every month whereby they purge fake fans from their database of users. This means your fake fans you purchase today, could get removed at any moment. Instead of wasting the money by buying more fake fans, try investing it to acquire new ones. Ones that can actually serve a benefit to your company.

5. Fake fans cannot buy your products or services. This should be the nail in the coffin. Fake followers and likes are not good because they do not make your social media platforms profitable. They can’t even tell a friend how good you are at what you do because, well, they can’t do anything besides be purchased.

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