This One Technique Can Help You Get More Instagram Followers


This quick and simple technique can help you get more Instagram followers every day.

It is known as the 5/3/1 rule.

Instagram guru and fitness buff @ChaleneJohnson has used the this technique to gain over 350,000 followers. It is easy to implement, only takes a little time out of your day, and can have a profound impact in helping you grow your Instagram followers.

The 5/3/1 Rule

Find users in your niche and then like five photos, comment on three photos, and in turn you may earn one new follower. The results may vary. And sometimes you will get more than one new follower. But the key aspect of this technique is doing it every day.

I have personally used this technique (see @charliethechunk on Instagram) and it works really well. The best (and easiest) way to get someone’s attention on social is to engage with their content. Especially if that person is someone you want to be followed by.

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When you engage on another users picture or video, you are expressing interest in them. That expressed interest is the secret sauce behind the 5/3/1 technique. This is because every engagement on Instagram is met with a notification to the user who is receiving the engagement.

Without those Instagram engagement notifications, people may never know you exist. That’s why this quick and simple technique can help you get more Instagram followers every day. (click to tweet)

Make this one technique a daily ritual and you will see new followers start rolling in. If it doesn’t start working right away, it may be due to the people you are engaging with.

Know Your Audience

Make sure the people you are engaging with are the type of people that will want to follow you back. Otherwise, engaging with them may just be a waste of your time.

Need some more Instagram tips? Here is an infographic that breaks down different parts of Instagram that may be able to benefit from. I hope you enjoy it!

Infographic: How To Become An Instagram Instaguru


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