Debate: Google+ Impact on SEO, Does It Really Make A Difference?

Since the induction of Google+, there have been a lot of discussions about how beneficial it is towards ranking in google’s search results. As algorithm changes continue to alter the way in which successful SEO is conducted, advertisers and marketers are always looking at different ways to stay ahead of the competition.

Google plus has been rumored to help companies achieve better search engine rankings as a result of their ongoing participation on Google’s social media platform but it’s still unknown how relatively close the two are associated when it comes to SEO.

Thanks to a recent Google hangout video debate including highly qualified SEO specialists, more information about the relation between Google+ and Google search rankings is being discovered. Check out the video below. It’s a little more than an hour long so we provided the following summary courtesy of +Kristoffer Howes.

Summary of Google+ Impact on SEO: The Debate Rages

Although there was much debate over the conditions under which the Google Plus Impact on SEO test was carried out, there were a number of points that I found particularly interesting:

In the words of +Marcus Tober, Google is using Google+ to quickly discover new content. How so? In the study performed by +Eric Enge:

> Google crawled the website 6 minutes after the post was put up
> Google indexed the web page 10 days later
> Google visited the web page each time the post was shared

Why does this occur? It would seem (again, according to Marcus) that Search Engines need social networks for 2 reasons:

1. Information sharing
2. Social graph data (user signals)

Why is this important? According to +Mark Traphagen, the bigger a person’s network is, the more affect they will have on search results. Google recognizes that the more engaged followers a user has, the greater their reach and influence is expected to be.

What does this mean for you? Marcus used the term “holistic” when he describe the direction users should take when generating their content and building a following.

How do you accomplish this? According to Mark Traphagen

> Don’t use Google+ to just dump links
> Build strong effective networks
> Build relationships
> Post good useful content that people love and share

If you follow these principles, you will see traffic and value driven to your (Internet) properties … It is the cumulative efforts of everything you do.- Mark Traphagen

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