How Call of Duty Got Over A Quarter Million Snapchat Followers In Less Than A Month

Here is one creative way a video game company is using Snapchat to promote their upcoming new release.


It appears the popular first-person shooter has Snapchat in their cross hairs.

Call of Duty sure pulled off a trickshot with their recent Snapchat campaign. It started earlier this month with a Black Ops 2 in-game update. In that update, Snapcodes were placed throughout the game on overlayed on pictures and signs which caught many gamers’ attention.

One of which, who goes by the name of Drift0r, was quick to point out the change. In his video you can see how the Snapcode appears throughout the game. He demonstrates how it works by holding his phone up to the screen and as a result he ends up following the Call of Duty (callofduty) Snapchat profile. (>>0:50)

We were gaining two followers per second on day one. – Tim Ellis, Chief Marketing Officer, Activision

As a result of the in-game update, the Call of Duty profile became flooded with new friends. Tim Ellis, CMO at Activision told Adweek that during the first day of the update, they received two followers every second! Ellis attributed Snapchat’s dark-social aurora as part of the reason why they chose to use the platform for this campaign.

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“It’s a game that is all about being cryptic, secretive and morally ambiguous. And the way in which we revealed this speaks to those qualities,” he told Adweek. “We all know Snapchat is the fastest-growing app in the social space. It’s also one of the dark socials. For a game that’s all about covert, dark, non-traceable, cryptic messages, Snapchat was a great fit tonally. It’s a great marriage of media and message.”

The campaign was designed to promote the upcoming release of Call of Duty Black Ops 3, which comes out this Sunday. And with 300,000 new followers on Snapchat, Call of Duty will have an opportunity to keep the story going with people who want to listen. If you ask me, that sounds pretty clutch.

*Update: A previous version of this story mentioned the Call of Duty Black Ops 3 game being released however it was a game trailer that was released.

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