How to Create and Organize Your Custom Friend List on Snapchat

Are you tired of scrolling through hundreds of friends on Snapchat? Is it difficult to find your favorite stories? Well not anymore, thanks to Shonduras for this Snapchat trick!

The Problem

When someone has a lot of friends on Snapchat, it can be daunting to scroll through all their recent updates. Snapchat organizes their apps watch screen with Discover content seen first, followed by Live Stories, then Recent Updates, and finally All Stories.

The problem is that Snapchat organizes your contacts in alphabetical order. Meaning, those with a name starting with the letter A will be shown at the top of that list. Those with a name starting with Z are found at the bottom.

The Example

Let’s say you are friends with Aaron and Zach. You enjoy watching their stories, but sometimes you want to watch them over again. Aaron’s Snapchat story will always be one of the first, when viewing All Stories. To see Zach’s story again, you would have to scroll to the bottom of the All Stories section to see his Snaps.

The Solution

To remedy this situation and create a custom friend list on Snapchat, add an A to the beginning of Zach’s (A – Zach) name so that he will show up closer to where Aaron is.

If you have a lot of friends on Snapchat, sometimes it can be hard to find their stories. Here is how you create and organize your custom friend list on Snapchat.

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