How to Fast Forward, Slow-Mo, And Rewind Your Video Snaps

New app update adds filters to video snaps so snapchatters can speed up, slow down, and reverse their content.

One thing Snapchat does well is they constantly release new products within their app. The releases keep users engaged because they provide some sort of benefit to Snapchatters. The products they release are also competitive in nature. They need to provide a benefit the users while also making economical sense for Snapchat, the company.

At first glance, that wouldn’t seem to be the case for their October 28th update. However, giving users more ways to customize the content they create within the platform actually helps the company out a lot. More tools make content more dynamic. Creative influencers will take to the new filters quickly and use them to help create better stories. This, in turn, will help make better content.

Using the new filters is really easy. Here’s how to fast forward, slow-mo, and rewind your video snaps.

Take a video snap of your choice.

After you take the snap, swipe left until you see the snail, rabbit, and rewind logos overlay your snaps.

You’ll only be able to pick one video effect filter but you can overlay one more filter on top. For example, you can use the speed up filter to speed up the video movement, and then overlay a geofilter or a color filter to alter the way the snap looks.

Pro Tip

Try intertwining video snaps that use all three of these filters, or a combination thereof. For example, take two snaps of the same action and rewind one of the snaps. It will look like you are doing the same thing backwards, and your friends will be impressed with your skills.

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