How To Send Snaps From Discover

Now you can send your favorite snaps from Discover. Snapchat has updated their app giving the content in their Discovery feature the ability to be viewed more by users. In the video above, you can see how it all works. Below are some screen shots that breaks down each step of the process.

This move by Snapchat is interesting. It shows that the company is trying to find additional ways to push traffic to the Discover feature, which allows brands to earn advertising dollars based upon the content they house in that part of the app.

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Essentially, they added a share button to the content in Discover, but users can only share that content within the Snapchat app. Have you tried sharing this content with your friends yet? Do you even consume the content in Discover? Let me know in the comment section below.

Here is how to send snaps from Discover.


Step 1. View content in Discover.


Step 2. Just press and hold on a piece of content to Snap.


Step 3. Add a caption.


Step 4. Send.


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Note: You can tap the purple bar at the bottom to hop back into Discover.

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