How To Set Up Your Snapchat Selfie

Snapchat steps up their profile picture game giving Snapchatters Selfie GIFs.

In their July update, Snapchat changed the way users appear when they add someone as a friend on the app. Before this feature, a added friend notification would only display the username and method of being added.

Now this notification displays the username, method of being added, and a profile Selfie. Snapchatters must set up their pictures manually.

If you have not set up your Snapchat Selfie and you add someone as a friend, then you will have one of the following Ghostface Chillahs as your profile picture (except the black one, but more on that later).


Snapchat says they added the feature to make it easier to identify friends who add you. It also helps show you other new friends that you don’t know. If you’ve seen this new feature, and wondering why there are black ghosts sometimes, it’s because that person put their finger over the camera when creating their GIF Selfie. 🙁

This is how to set up your Snapchat Selfie.

How To Setup Snapchat Selfies

To start, open the Snapchat app. You’ll be looking through the camera as the initial screen upload load is the Snap screen.

Step 1. Access Your Profile

Swipe down or tap the ghost located at the top-middle of the screen. Upon doing so your profile will show with your Snapcode.

Step 2. Access Your Profile

Tap your Snapcode and it will enlarge.

Step 3. Snap Your Selfies

Tap the circle button to start the countdown timer. After the timer says go, it will take five pictures consecutively with a brief break between each. To re-do your Selfie, tap the circle again.

Step 4. Save Your GIF

To save your GIF simply press the arrow to the left of the circle. If you want to delete your pictures then press the circled-ghost in the upper-left corner of the screen.

Step 5 Share Your Selfie Online.

For the first time ever Snapchat has integrated social media share buttons within their app. Maybe not exactly, but that is exactly what the share button does in the upper-right hand corner of the screen.

After you are happy with your Snapcode Selfie, you can share it to other social networks or through other applications on your phone.

Once you have completed this setup your selfie will be shown to other Snapchatters when you add them as friends.

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