This is How Twitter’s New Stickers Work

Twitter is hurting.

The company’s share price dropped 14% a day after the social network posted an earnings that saw low user growth, minimal revenue and sub par Q3 projections, according to Techcrunch.

Twitter knows they need to make some changes to help keep their platform relevant. So today, Twitter introduced stickers. Stickers, as you can see below, are emojis that people can use as overlays on their images and post them on Twitter.

This is How Twitter Stickers Work

Step 1. Snap a picture
Step 2. Tap the sticker icon next to the edit icon (lower right of screen)
Step 3. Pick the sticker you want to use on your picture
Step 4. Move the sticker to your desired location
Step 5. Pinch the sticker to increase or decrease the size of it
Step 6. Send tweet


Stickers can not be used on video. So Snapchat still has a one-up on Twitter in video. One thing to note is that the stickers that you can overlay on your face have holes cut out so that your eyes can be seen. That’s one small feature that I found fun. Other than that, stickers, just like moments, seems like another attempt for Twitter to be more Snapchat-like.


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