Instagram’s Official Website is Now Mobile-Friendly

Instagram has revamped their website and you probably had no clue.

The Verge was the first to write about it, alerting to the fact that profile images are now larger on the web. But there are more changes to the site than just that. Instagram has changed their official site to pass Google’s new mobile requirements.

Perhaps they also did so to optimize the user experience (I can only imagine).

Responsive Design

As mobile device usage grows, there will always be a need for websites to react to different devices. Responsive design should be a norm for every website.

Instagram’s new mobile-friendly site is a duplicate, but stripped version, of their app. visitors from the web, tablet, or mobile can now expect to have better experiences.

What has changed?

Profiles have changed in appearance. They look more like an Instagram profile than a Facebook page. The slideshow-like cover images are gone. As mentioned by the Verge, larger pictures are displayed in three columns instead of five.

Instagram in browser (left) and Instagram in app (right).

Instagram in browser (left) and Instagram in app (right).

This is perfect for using this template to build unique Instagram profiles. This also helps mimic app profiles, especially when viewed on a smartphone. Hashtag pages look the same.

The News Feed hasn’t changed in functionality, but it has in appearance. It looks more clean, and in my opinion, ripe for some sidebar advertisements.

What has not changed?

You still can’t register a new account or upload new pictures. There also is no way to search for users or hashtags. You have to surf through user profiles and hashtags instead. Engaging on content remains the same. Embed codes are also still available.

Instagram hasn’t made any announcement regarding this change however they did confirm that it was rolling out to everyone this past week.

Instagram profile featured in this article: @CharlietheChunk

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