LinkedIn Now Restricting Group Member-to-Member Messages to 15 Per Month

LinkedIn makes changes to groups limiting non-connected member-to-member messages to 15 per month.

One of LinkedIn’s best business features has now been limited due to user abuse. At least that’s what LinkedIn says why they made the change to this feature.

Previously, users could send unlimited messages to non-connected users through a shared group membership. LinkedIn members could opt out of this communication in the settings of their profile. When this is done, LinkedIn doesn’t present the “send message” option to shared group members.

Users who don’t opt out can still be contacted. But users who send more than 15 in a monthly period will receive an error message.

The “You are no longer authorized to message this member” LinkedIn notification was given to Dave George recently and he raised a red flag in the LinkedIn Help Center. LinkedIn confirmed the change and the allotted 15 message count resets at the end of each month.

Has LinkedIn gone too far? I don’t think so. But I don’t think everyone should be penalized as a result.

Why not throttle the amount of messages a user can send to other group members based upon customer feedback or abuse? Part of the change must have something to do with monetization.

That’s what I picked up out of a response given to a user who complained about this issue. A LinkedIn representative gave this response:

“Hi Terra,

I’m glad to hear you’ve been using free group-messaging to interact with fellow group members! We designed the feature to enhance the group experience through personal conversations. We still encourage you to use group messaging for these exchanges but we’ve implemented a limit to prevent potential abuse. If you do go over the limit, you will see an error message but only for a certain time period.

We offer many alternatives if you are using messaging to recruit or promote. Please check out our Premium accounts which include InMails and recruiting tools to make the most of LinkedIn!

Have a good day,
Rachel , Customer Advocate”

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