[Free Tool] How to Measure Your Snapchat Story (With Key Performing Indicators)

This tool will help you measure your Snapchat story.

It will provide key performing indicators that can help identify how well, or poorly, your content is performing. The reporting method from Snapchat is still in the infant stages and therefore this Snapchat story analyzer will help marketing professionals who currently aren’t advertising on the app. It can also tell you how many Snapchat followers you may have.

The benefit of this tool is that it is free, unlike other Snapchat analytics providers who may charge you for their services. If this calculator, please share it! 🙂

Enter your Snapchat username here.
Enter your email address to receive your stats.
This number should be less than or equal to your first snap view count.
This number should be more than or equal to your last snap view count.
Enter the amount of screenshots you received in your story.
You must enter a number in the Last Snap View Count and First Snap View Count in order to receive your Snapchat follower number.


Key performing indicators (KPIs) may differ between organizations and industries. For example, if you have a low engagement percentage, it may not matter because you probably are not asking people to engage with your Snaps via screenshots. Therefore, having a low engagement percentage doesn’t mean that the Snapchat story was not a good one. Additionally, I provided this tool to help setup a foundation for KPIs that matter to your business, but may also be attained via the Snapchat app. The estimated follower count is based of recent statistics reported by The Wall Street Journal. All information inputted into this tool is done so at the sole discretion of the user.

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