More Snapchat Text, Filter, and Snapcode Secrets Revealed

As Snapchat quickly evolves you’ll want to know the latest secrets to keep up with the curve. Well thanks to The Verge for putting together this nifty video that demonstrates different text, filter, and Snapcode secrets. Enjoy!

Text Secrets

Want to know how to get each word, or letter, in a sentence to be a different color? Or learn how to get unlimited text on your snaps? Here is how you can color each word or letter in a Snap.

After you type your caption, click the big “T” next to the draw tool. Your text size will become larger and more bold. Select a word to change it’s color and do the same if you want to change the color of each letter on Snapchat.

You can also resize the text, which I’m sure you’re already aware of. Try adjusting the size of the text and use it as a variable within the image.

For example, many great Snapchat influencers will have captions in their stories. They execute this by shrinking the text and drawing a caption box behind it. The nice thing about Snapchat is that the draw tool will always draw behind the text tool. Use them creatively and they will complement each other.

Filter Secrets

There are three types of filters on Snapchat: Geofilters, color filters, and custom-color filters. Geofilters are the ones you see that represent your city, town, or live event you are attending.

If they are branded, then they were paid to be there. Color filters are the Instagram-like filters that come standard with the app. Custom filters are filters users create within the app creatively using emojis or text.

In the video above, Sam Sheffer shows you how to use an emoji to produce your own custom filter. This allows users to get creative with their snaps. The only drawback of using this type of filter is the app can become buggy if you expand your emoji too big.

Shooting Secrets

Snapchat has some camera shortcuts that allow you to record a snap and simultaneously flip the camera or zoom-in. Using the volume buttons on the side of your smartphone, you can either take a picture or record a video. This allows you to record with one hand and use the other to control other in app functions.

You can zoom-in on video while recording on Snapchat. To do this, simply swipe up. To zoom back out, swipe down.


This isn’t so much a secret but it is a great feature to use if you want to get more followers on Snapchat. If you tap the white ghost at the top of the Snap screen, your own personal QR code will appear. When someone scans this, they will follow you. I’ve listed mine below. Give it a try to see how it works.

To get your own Snapcode, go to on your desktop and login with your Snapchat credentials. You’ll then be able to download a .zip file containing your own personal Snapcode. Brands should heavily rely upon this method to organically build their following on Snapchat. Think about your audience. Where are they?

Consider printing out flyers, stickers, or other collateral that you can post up, staple to a wall, or share with your target demo. This is by far the best way to gather that following on Snapchat without having to spend a lot on marketing materials or advertising.

Follow Tyler on Snapchat


This is a Snapcode. If you scan it, you will follow me. Reading this article from a desktop computer? Turn on the Snapchat app and hold your phone up to this Snapcode as if to take a picture. If you are reading this from a smartphone, then take a screenshot of the Snapcode and upload it in the “Add Friends” view on Snapchat.

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