One Big Potential Problem With Social Media Automation Websites

Social media content dissemination is an art. Producing quality posts, tweets, pins, videos, vines, pictures and link posts can take more time than just pressing a couple buttons. Sometimes, it happens that way, a candid moment complimented with a catchy caption. But not always!

And producing this type of content, candid or not, disseminating it amongst your platforms, ensuring it looks good and then monitoring it can be a challenge. That’s where social media automation websites have shown success. They allow users to connect all their profiles and then submit content through them all with a click of a button.

It sounds easy, but it often can backfire too. Automation sites are targets for hackers and a gem for black market web traffic.

For example, when you sign up for these automation websites, you must connect your social media accounts and give up control over the ability to post on your behalf. This can make your feeds vulnerable if these sites are compromised. It just happened to Buffer, one of the larger and better automation websites that I have personally used.

When Buffer was hacked, users found unwanted weight loss spam posts coming through their feeds.

The automation website responded to the incident confirming a compromise in their system:

I wanted to get in touch to apologize for the awful experience we’ve caused many of you on your weekend. Buffer was hacked around 1 hour ago, and many of you may have experienced spam posts sent from you via Buffer. I can only understand how angry and disappointed you must be right now… read full transcript at

The best way to prevent this from happening to you is by not using third-party websites for social automation. Look into other alternatives such as cross posting on similar social media websites or by dripping content from one to another. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram all have these tools built-in.

Instagram’s native automation tool is the best. Posting content to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr is extremely easy and can be really effective. The best part is that there is no authorization for third parties so that you know your security remains with Instagram. The only drawback is that you can’t auto-post to Google+.

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