Pinterest proves to be a SUPERSTAR for businesses!

In social media marketing and in traditional marketing there are some marketers and entrepreneurs that still think Pinterest is only about women “playing” and pinning pretty pictures. While Facebook and Twitter seem to be the obvious choices for most businesses Pinterest has quietly crept up and after gaining huge momentum is now the 2nd largest driver of traffic from social media sites (next only to Facebook).


And did you know that 50 million articles are being shared on Pinterest every day and that Pinterest is driving more referral traffic to publishers than; Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit and Google+ combined?

In addition, Pinterest buyers spend more money, more often & on more items than any other of the top 5 social media sites according to Comscore.


Business owners…what’s not to like about that?

Pinterest is certainly not for every business however it offers tremendous opportunity for most business types and models because humans are very visual and the research suggests that visual content will continue rule social media now and in the future. According to a study by Simply Measured, a social media analytics firm, 69 of the world’s top 100 brands are on Pinterest which is why more and more businesses are learning about Pinterest and getting on board.

The brands that are rockin it on Pinterest are combining ecommerce and cross promoting with other social networks and offline. Here are some mind boggling case studies of brands with booming success on Pinterest.


According to Sephora’s head of digital media Julie Bornstein, their Pinterest users spend 15X MORE on their company’s products than Facebook fans do. The beauty products retailer Sephora revealed that per capita, its Pinterest followers spend more money than its Facebook fans.

“The reality is that when you’re in the Pinterest mindset, you’re actually interested in acquiring items…which is not what people go to Facebook for,” Bornstein told VentureBeat. “Facebook continues to be just a great customer interaction tool that gives us the real-time ability to dialog with our customer…it’s a big customer-service venue for us.

Boasting 4.7 million fans on Facebook, Sephora still values the social network as an interaction tool. “We hear instantly about what people love and don’t love,” explained Bornstein. But when it comes to measuring immediate commercial impact, the company prefers Pinterest.


Sony’s Pinterest platform has driven:

● An 800 percent increase in traffic from Pinterest to the Sony store website
● Sony’s Pinterest page sends 2.5 times more traffic than Twitter to their website
● Pinterest gets 10x’s more clicks of the “Pin-it” button compared to the “Tweet This” button


Lowe’s has taken photos from its website and made suggestions about how people could use these products in their own home. An example of this is the posting of its Patio Gatewood furniture set, which features a couch, chairs and tables with the caption “Bring comfort and style to your patio.”

This simple statement not only encourages engagement as it has 111 likes, 16 comments and 1447 pins, but also promotes curiosity in that a visitor might want to know more about the product and thus will click on the photo to be redirected to the Lowe’s website. In doing so, they may become interested in buying the featured item and other products, which means more revenue and ROI for Lowe’s Pinterest marketing investment.

Pinterest has definitely earned their growing reputation as one of the best and most effective digital marketing tools for businesses. To find out if your business is ideally suited for Pinterest email me at

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