This is How You Can Save Snapchat Messages

Not everything sent through Snapchat disappears. Snaps sent to your friends can’t be saved, unless they screenshot it or use a different method. But did you know that your friends can save Snapchat messages you send directly to them?

That’s right.

To be specific, I’m describing the text and picture messages that are sent directly through Chat. The ones you either type or upload from your camera roll. Not a snap. However, there is a caveat. Only Chat text messages and picture messages sent from your camera roll may be saved.


Images and text in Chats will disappear after both Snapchatters have viewed them and left the Chat unless you tap to save.~ Snapchat

How To Save Snapchat Chat Messages

To save a text message, tap on it. To unsave it, tap it again. That’s the easy part.

When you have saved a text message, the line on the left-hand side of the Chat screen will turn bold. This indicates that you have saved the message. You will also notice that the message has been highlighted grey. This indicates that someone, either you or the person you are chatting with, has saved the text message.


Pictures sent through Chat, not snaps, react the save way. When you save it, the line on the left-hand side of the Chat screen will turn will turn bold. Additionally, a turquoise notification will show at the top of the screen. It will either say that the message has been saved or unsaved.

Just like text messages, picture messages will be highlighted when saved. Sometimes it can be hard to tell, but if it isn’t disappearing then it’s because someone in the Chat saved it.

I realized that some of mine too were sticking in the Chat window. I couldn’t unsave them, even though I would receive the notifications that they were unsaved.

Are you having problems with your Snapchat Chat messages not deleting?

To see if you have the same issue, slide into a Chat with someone you have messaged before and swipe down. You’ll see all the saved messages. There is a reason for this and after the image, I explain why.


How To Delete Saved Messages on Snapchat

When you and someone else saves a message in Snapchat Chat, that message is saved until both parties unsave it. If one party unsaves the message, it will still remain.

The only way to delete the message is for BOTH parties to unsave it. If you notice messages sticking in your Snapchat Chat, it is because the person you are chatting with has saved them. Tell them to tap the messages, and they will be removed.

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This is a Snapcode. Reading this from a desktop computer? Turn on the Snapchat app and hold your phone up to this Snapcode as if to take a picture. If you are reading this from a smartphone, then have a friend open up Snapchat and hold their phone up to this picture.

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