How to See How Many LinkedIn Connections Someone Has if They Have Over 500

When you view someone’s LinkedIn profile it will show you the number of connections they have. But when someone has more than 500 connections, LinkedIn only displays a 500+.

How do you see how many connections someone has on LinkedIn if they have more than 500?

Go to their profile and view their most recent activity. When you do, you’ll see how many followers they have.

What is the difference between LinkedIn followers and connections?

Followers consist of all connections plus the people who have liked a long-form post shared on LinkedIn Pulse. Therefore the more long-form articles you publish, the more followers you may have compared to connections.

How do you find the number of followers someone has on LinkedIn?


When viewing someone’s profile scroll to the “Articles & Activity” section. There you will see how many followers someone has.

What if the person has no LinkedIn articles or activity?

View the person’s profile and in the web browser URL enter the following after the text already in the URL field.

For example:

Then add “detail/recent-activity/” to the end so it reads:


After you hit enter on the keyboard you will see the person has no recent activity but it will show how many followers they have. In this case, it is safe to assume the number of followers they have is the number of connections they have.


This is because you get followers when they like your activity. If there is no recent activity then there wouldn’t be any followers bundled in with the existing connection count.

Hope this helped!

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  • ( jasabola ) Maybe this world is another planet’s hell

  • Victoria Ipri

    Hey Tyler, it is NOT safe to assume that the member’s number of followers and connections are the same. Generally speaking, members who regularly publish content have more followers than connections. What it is safe to assume is that the member has about 2/3rds the number of followers as connections. All 1st degree connections are automatically one’s followers. But followers may also include people who click the Follow button because they like something you wrote, but for a variety of reasons don’t wish to connect with you.

    Hope this helps.