Snapchat Camera Shortcuts

Snapchat user thinks tinder features could help make it quicker to create Stories.

Ben Langholz has been using Snapchat non-stop for sharing photos and videos of his time in Japan. He is really into Stories; compared to other ways to share because they feel quick, un-intrusive, and almost real-time.

Since he has been using it so much he had an idea of how to make the process even more stream-lined. According to Langholz, he knows that most of the time his videos are good without having to re-watch them (I wish I was that good). So he wants to be able to swipe left or right to delete or add snaps to his Story making it quicker to use.

In the video above, he shows the Snapchat camera shortcuts he desires. While shooting a video, He wants to be able to drag the button to the left (release) to instantly discard the video and start over. Dragging to the right would add the video to his Story, bypassing the review step.

If he releases his finger in the middle of of the screen, it would go to the review step as it does today. A vertical dragging gesture could be incorporated to enable zooming in and out with only one hand.

Existing Snapchat Camera Shortcuts (iPhone)

In all fairness, there are a couple existing camera shortcuts on Snapchat. With an iPhone, you can use the volume (+ or -) buttons to take a picture or to record a video. If you press the + or – button, you will take a picture. If you hold the + or – button down, then you will take a video.

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