Snapchat CEO Explains to Parents Why Kids Share So Many Pictures on Snapchat

Why do my kids share zillions of pictures on Snapchat everday?

Parents are starting to wonder why their kids share so much stuff with their friends through Snapchat and the app’s CEO explains in the bizarre video below why. Essentially, he pins it down to communication. Posting to Snapchat is a bit different than posting to other social networks.

“Snapchat really has to do with the way photographs have changed. Historically, photographs have always been used to save really important memories like major life moments. But today, with the advent of the mobile phone, and the idea of a connected camera, pictures are being used for talking.”

Accumulation vs. Instant Expression

Spiegel is careful to breakdown how the content production on Snapchat differs from other social media websites, specifically how that content is produced.

“One of the best ways to understand this change is really by looking at the evolution of social media. When social media started, based on the desktop computer and it was about accumulation. So, you would take a thousand pictures at a party and you would upload your 100 favorites to the internet and all your friends would look at them and comment on them.”

Now, the mobile phone has really empowered this idea of instant expression which is really showing someone where you are and how you’re feeling in the moment.

He continues by saying, “This is important as it relates to identity because really that is one of the things that’s at the core of social media. Accumulation was really about this idea that identity is everything I’ve ever done. So you have all the pictures of everything you’ve ever done and that is who you are as a person.”

“But instant expression changed that because instant expression says my identity is who I am right now; it says, I am the result of everything I have ever done but I’m not the accumulation of everything I have done.”

Chronological vs. Feed

Stories are very interesting because they are a collection of snaps. When you take a Snap, you can decide to send it to a couple of friends or you can add it to your story. Your story keeps all your Snaps from a day in chronological order.

Spiegel says chronological order because that’s what really makes Snapchat different than other social media that is based on a feed. Most social media has your pictures and videos in reverse-chronological order. You see the end before you see the beginning.

But on Snapchat, if you are looking a birthday party, you get to watch the birthday party unfold; beginning, middle, end which really gives it a familiar feeling because that’s the way we have been telling stories forever.

It’s three screens. Snap. Chat. Watch. And it’s all about talking with pictures and expressing yourself in the moment.

Picture by Adweek

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