If your boss asked you how many Snapchat followers you have acquired for the company profile, could you give an accurate answer? Probably not. 😢 This is because Snapchat hides how many Snapchat followers you have and replaces it with a score.

Your Snapchat score, however, is a sum of the number of messages you send and receive. It doesn’t reflect how many followers you have. So, how can you find out how many Snapchat followers you have?


In order to know how many Snapchat followers you have, we need to know how often people login to Snapchat. According to The Wall Street Journal, roughly two-thirds of their users check the app daily. That’s about 66%.

This means that your Snapchat followers are probably doing the same thing. Therefore, you can always take the highest number of views you get on your Snapchat Stories, and then multiply that by one and a half. The resulting number represents your estimated number of followers on Snapchat.

Use the tool below to find out how many Snapchat followers you might have. It can help you measure your Snapchat story and tell you how well it is performing.

Snapchat Story Analyzer

Enter your Snapchat username here.
Enter your email address to receive your stats.
This number should be less than or equal to your first snap view count.
This number should be more than or equal to your last snap view count.
Enter the amount of screenshots you received in your story.
You must enter a number in the Last Snap View Count and First Snap View Count in order to receive your Snapchat follower number.


Key performing indicators (KPIs) may differ between organizations and industries. This tool is designed to help users understand how many followers they may have and receive metrics related to their Snapchat Stories. In no way is this tool affiliated or endorsed by Snapchat. The estimated follower count is based of recent statistics reported by The Wall Street Journal. All information inputted into this tool is done so at the sole discretion of the user.

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