Snapchat Is Now An Advertising Network, With Three Ad Products

This is for marketers wanting to know more about Snapchat advertising.

Snapchat introduces 3V advertising: Vertical. Video. Views. Built for mobile. Designed for millennials, by millennials who really care about “not being creepy.”

I call it Snapvertising. Snapvertising is Snapchat advertising. Snapchat calls it 3V advertising. It reminds me of television ads. Just on a smaller scale and with a different orientation.

Right now on Snapchat, Live Stories act as two to five-minute mini shows that are consumed by millions of viewers. Snapchat is placing adverts inside these stories.

Basically, the Venice born startup found a way to turn a smartphone into a social messaging and rich media streaming device with a remote. Users are then granted access to watch as well as contribute content to these Live Stories.

In the early days of internet advertising, targeting was used to help differentiate ad products that weren’t very engaging. Snapchat is trying to change that. They want to build respectable ad products that still offer good targeting to marketers.

Snapchat Advertising (Snapvertising)

Is Snapvertising the new frontier of mobile advertising? According to Daily Mail North America CEO Jon Steinberg, Snapchat said that, “Vertical video ads have up to 9x more completed views than horizontal video ads.” Because turning the phone is a lot of work.

When social media users experiences advertisemetns via a news feed, the ads are segmented between posts. When watching pre-roll videos, the ads just gets in the way of the content people want to see.

With Snapchat 3V advertising, you get the full-screen effect of the advert. Transitions between sponsored and curated content is seamless. That’s another reason why Snapchat feels their ad spots have the upper-hand versus feed based platforms. That plus the fact that Snapchat users watch more video on Snapchat than they do any other platform.

Types of Snapchat Ads

Here is a quick breakdown of the different types of Snapchat ads.

Premium: These ads are shown in the Discover portion of the Snapchat application and differ among all the various media partners.

Curated: This is 3V Advertising, whereby Snapchat slides vertical videos into the Live Stories they produce on a daily basis. Think TV advertising on a mobile scale.

Local: Geofilters are overlay images that complement the messaging portion of the app whereby users in specific geographical areas have access to different custom filters.

Thoughts on the future of mobile video advertising? Share them below!

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