Snapchat Partnership With Learfield Sports Brings Snapchatters Closer to their Favorite College Teams

New partnership between Snapchat and Learfield aims to connect college teams and sports fans with the events they enjoy together.


Learfield Sports is a long-time trusted partner of nearly 100 collegiate properties with a history spanning over 40 years. Snapchat is approaching it’s four year anniversary. This agreement is a big deal for both entities. It shows that Snapchat is looking to make progression with their products and seizing those opportunities that emerge as a result.

Learfield realizes they need access to the millennial generation as they start to flush out of college. And soon Generation Z! A mobile connection through Snapchat expedites that with the flick of a switch.

Why This Makes Sense

For Learfield Sports: The company works with colleges around the nation as their licensing partner. They help college sports teams with marketing, merchandising, anti-counterfeiting, trademark registration, and brand development. This is a list of their partners.

Learfield Sports Partners

Every college student at one of these schools has Snapchat on their phone. That’s a bold statement, but I’m 70% confident that’s true. They use the app every day and that’s the exact place Learfield Sports wants to put their partners.

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For Snapchat: It’s all about the money. Well, not always. But, I’m sure that had a lot to do with it. Here’s my reasoning: Snapchat can already curate Live Stories surrounding major collegiate events. In fact, they already have, and according to Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel, they attracted larger audiences than the audiences that watched the same games on TV.




Perhaps that sparked the conversation for this deal, and why Learfield sees potential in the app.

According to Snapchat Director of Partnerships Ben Schwerin, the deal will bring Snapchatters even closer to the excitement of their favorite college teams.

Below you can read the full press release, which may also be found on their website.

PLANO, Texas – Collegiate rights holder Learfield Sports announced today an innovative partnership with Snapchat, bringing sports fans closer to the college teams and events they love.

This partnership between Learfield Sports and the visual storytelling app will leverage Snapchat Live Stories, which allow Snapchatters at the same event to contribute their personal perspectives through video and photo Snaps to one collective story.

App-Icon“This is a unique opportunity to help our school partners bring the incredible college sports experience to millions of hard-to-reach millennials on one of the most popular and fastest growing mobile platforms,” said Learfield Senior Vice President/Chief Content Officer Joe Ferreira. “Live Stories deliver a sense of community and excitement in a timely manner, a feeling no other medium can emulate,” added Ferreira.

“Snapchat Live Stories create a very unique and personal fan experience around events,” said Snapchat Director of Partnerships Ben Schwerin. “We’re thrilled to be partnering with Learfield Sports in order to bring Snapchatters even closer to the excitement of their favorite college teams.”

Learfield Sports manages the multimedia rights and coordinates sponsorship initiatives for nearly 100 collegiate properties. Learfield also offers these partners professional concessions and ticket sales; licensing and trademark consulting; digital platform expertise; and venue signage and technology systems through its owned companies. The company has a rich history spanning over 40 years of developing trusted, long-term relationships with some of the most revered institutions and associations in the world of college sports. Learfield has prominence in all of the major conferences and titles the Learfield Sports Directors’ Cup with award co-founders NACDA and USA Today. To learn more about its history, businesses and job opportunities, visit

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