Snapchat Trick to Get Unlimited Text on Your Snaps

A recently discovered Snapchat trick allows you to get unlimited text on your snaps.

Every social network has some sort of limit applied to their update fields. Twitter is famous for their 140-character limit. Facebook gives you just over 60,000. Snapchat does not allow for much. For a while, you could simply bypass this by turning your phone to a horizontal view when sending typing on snaps.

Now, thanks to the YouTube video below, you can learn how to include unlimited text on your snaps. It is currently only available for iOS, but a workaround for android is currently possible by using the Xposed framework. Snapchat latest update, version 9.6.0, does not affect this trick.

However, it does prevent you from being able to do this. 🙁

Essentially, you copy and paste a block of spaces into the text field in Snapchat and it wraps within the screen permitting you to type on each individual line.

Step 1.

First, open your notes app. Then start a new note and hit the return key on your keyboard about 6-7 times. The more you hit return, the more space you’ll have to type.

Step 2.

Long-tap the screen and select-all. Then copy the block of spaces. Exit the notes app.

Step 3.

Open the Snapchat app. Take a picture or video snap. Then hit the text icon to overlay text. Long-tap the line to paste your block of text.

At this point you are good to type anything you want all over the place. The only problem is that you have to tap on each line to be able to type on it. Happy Snapping.

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