Snapchat Updates App Making It Easy To Save Story

A recent app update makes it easier to save stories in one single tap of the screen.


Users want to save the content they share on Snapchat so they can spread it elsewhere and attract new followers. It’s a very common tactic used by all influencers and Snapchat artists.

If they didn’t do this then others wouldn’t know where to find them on Snapchat. It helps show others what they may be missing out on if they are not following.


You may remember about a month ago, Elski Felson released a YouTube video titled, “My Story Snapchat Resume” and the video was shared everywhere online. It was originally recorded through Snapchat but Elski then saved all the individual snaps and pieced them together for YouTube. (See video below)

Influencers, marketers and Snapchat users don’t have to worry about doing this anymore. I’m talking about the manual piecing of snaps together to form the story already told on Snapchat. That’s because Snapchat recently updated their app making it easy to save Story.

With the March 24 app update (9.4.0) Snapchat added a small but very useful feature. The change includes a new icon next to your Story. When tapped upon, it will save your entire Story to your gallery.

From there you can easily share your Story to other social networks and encourage users to follow you on Snapchat.

Have you noticed the new update? Have anything to say about this?

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