Snapchat Wants You To Feel More Secure With Your Snapchat Account

Snapchat continues to make moves. They’ve racked up another round of funding. Secured a new spot to setup shop in New York City. And most recently, updated their application to include an important new feature.

New app update shows that Snapchat wants you to feel more secure when using their service. They’ve made user profiles more secure by requiring a verification when profiles login to different devices.

The Venice Beach based company has also included a couple other new features. Here are the updates in detail. I listed them in order from significance, in my opinion.

Secure Login

Login verification has been added so that when you log in to Snapchat on a new device, Snapchat will send you a code via text message (SMS) to help ensure it’s you. Feature must be enabled in settings to work.

This is important. Snapchat influencers get paid a lot of money to produce content for brands within their niche. Their Snapchat profiles are worth a lot. In contrast, everyone else who uses the app should also have piece-of-mind that the company wants to keep their profiles secure. By doing this, Snapchat is building trust with their network of users.

New Camera Shortcut

Double-tap the screen while recording a Snap to switch between the selfie and rear-facing cameras. When you do this, the camera will flip back and forth between the two views. You can also tap the upper right hand corner of the screen to trigger the feature.

This Snapchat trick works when you are and aren’t recording a Snap.

This helps add another level of creativity for those who prefer video over pictures. Being able to flip back-and-forth between the different camera views gives content producers more creativity on how he or she records their Snaps. This also provides a new perspective for the viewers as well.

Battery Filters

New filters representing the battery of your phone are now available. According to Snapchat, the battery filters “add a little something to your Snaps when you’re all juiced up or low on battery.”

I am not sure why Snapchat has included these filters into their platform. Is it a jab at the press they’ve received recently about how their app drains excessive amount of background data?

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