Snapchat Will Air Olympic Highlights in Discover This Summer

How unusual is it for a U.S. network to give away Olympic content for free to a company like Snapchat?

This is the first time NBC is going to give away programming for the Olympics and they are doing it because they realize that younger audiences don’t consume television the same way they did five years ago.

The times they are a changin’ – Bob Dylan

NBC and Comcast see Snapchat’s audience as an opportunity to expose them to the Olympic footage in hopes they tune in for the live programming. The content will be available through Snapchat’s Discover feature and BuzzFeed will curate the channel.

Although this is a first for both Snapchat and NBC, a Bloomberg Intelligence representative doesn’t think it’s the answer to Snapchats advertising problems. If Snapchat wants to generate more revenue they need to provide marketers with their own dashboard with real time bidding and artificial intelligence, similar to Facebook and Google.

“If you look at marketer surveys, they suggest there needs to be more work done on measurement and ROI that they can derive out of these platforms so there are some execution risks in terms of meeting expectations longer term and this year they should be fine but they [snapchat] needs to really execute on making the proper platform more programmatic and self serving,” said Jitendra Waral.

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