Social Media for Small Businesses

Every small business has the opportunity to compete with larger competitors in the digital realm, thanks to social media. Social media for small businesses can be both frustrating and time consuming if your company approaches it with the thought that it will correct or fix all your problems. The truth is that, social media can help anyone better navigate through multiple aspects of running a business more easily.

This includes sales, customer services, crises management, brand awareness, public relations and engaging potential clients or consumers. The trick, however, is to understand which platform (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, etc…) will pay off the most in relation to the time you invest in it.

In a guest blog post, my friend Anna Bennett explains how Pinterest proves to be a superstar for businesses, but Pinterest has it’s benefits for specific types of companies and may not perform very well for others.


Setting up a social media campaign for your small business should start with evaluating your short term and long term goals. Is it sales? Probably. Is it crisis management? Perhaps. But more importantly, where are the people you want to talk to the most and who are they? If it’s women, Pinterest would definitely be a great starting point. If it’s men, then Facebook and Instagram would be where you want to begin. If it’s to help with your SEO, then you must be on Google+.

Here is a sweet infographic the depicts how small business are using social mediaBy Infographic labs.

After you understand your goals and who you want to engage to reach those goals, then it’s time to start initiating your platforms and optimizing them for maximum organic results. To optimize them effectively, make sure your profile pictures are of your logo and that you can see them clearly.

Anytime you engage in a conversation or leave a comment on a post/pin or reply to a tweet, your profile image (logo) will be prevalent. You also leave backlinks when engaging with your community and the combination of your logo and the backlink will help users find you and potentially follow your profile.

Producing quality content is another portion of the pie. Social networks are key sources for search engines because the social signals represent user signals and people trust other people more now than ever.

Therefore, posting just to post is not going to help you.

Posting content that you know is quality and is what you know your followers will want to read or see is now king. Let me repeat. Trust is now King. And if your followers trust your content, they will want to share it with their friends because they will feel like they are doing a good deed for them.

Stay away from automation websites. Although they seem like they can help you kill two birds with one stone, the reality is that your really just producing robotic content that gets double or even triple posted and your social media community of followers can see through this.

There are also other small issues with automation websites but one big potential problem with social media automation websites is that they are the target to hackers. The last thing you want is to lose control over your social media platforms.

In conclusion, social media for small business takes time. A lot of time. If you go blindly into the social realm, you will most likely fall flat on your face. If you have any questions about how to get started, drop me a line or ask them in the comment section below.

I have a plethora of experience assisting small and large companies with their social media to successfully reach milestones set forth within my social media campaigns.

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