Social Media Image Sizes for 2015

What image size should I use for Facebook? For Instagram? What about Pinterest? Guess what: They all differ.

Images play a major role on social media. This is because the brain processes visual information much faster than the time it takes for the brain to decode text. Digital marketers who operate on all seven social networks know that finding the right image for the right post is important but can also be daunting.

But after finding the right image, it still needs to be modified for all seven networks in order for it to get the most out of the posts. Jeez, can’t they make this easier on us?!

This process can be time consuming. Especially since the social media image sizes for each network seem to never stop changing. As networks evolve, so do the requirements for visuals.

When these changes occur, marketers need to know so they can stay appraised of the changing landscape.

Thanks to Sure Payroll, we have the following infographic that breaks down each major network and provides social media image sizes for 2015. Share this infographic with your colleagues so they know what image sizes to use on social media.

Optimal Image Sizes to Share on Social Media


Infographic source:

Social Media Optimal Image Size Cheat Sheet

Twitter image size: 1024px x 512px
Facebook image size: 2048px x 2048px
Google+ image size: 2048px x 2048px
Tumblr image size: 1280px x 1920px
Instagram image size: 640px x 640px
Pinterest image size: 736px wide (height is auto-scaled)
LinkedIn image size: 531px x 399px

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