Social Media Marketing World 2014: My Review And Some Tips From The Speakers


Let me start by saying that Social Media Marketing World 2014 was an amazing experience and I can’t wait to attend next year’s conference. I had the opportunity to network with many social media marketing professionals from all over the world. And everyone I met was very eager to share their knowledge or give creative advice. That included both attendees and speakers.

For those who may not know about it, Social Media Marketing World 2014 (#SMMW14) was a two-day conference combining over 2,000 professionals in San Diego. There were over 80 individual sessions from many proven experts in social media that covered:

  • Social Tactics
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Strategy
  • Community Management
  • Business Building
  • The Good

    My favorite aspect of the entire event was that it gave you personal access to some of the most influential leaders in social media. After individual sessions speakers stayed around and answered any questions attendees had. Social Media Examiner did a great job putting it all together and making sure everyone attending was taken care of properly.

    Social Media Marketing World 2014 Highlight from GEBBS on Vimeo.

    The Bad

    Although the sessions went well, the wifi was unstable. My connection was dropped more times then I can count. It made live tweeting nearly impossible at times. And since I was using Google Docs for note taking, I often found myself frustrated with the inability to update my notes.

    The Sessions

    The sessions packed so much knowledge that it left my head spinning. Tactics. Strategies. Tools. The speakers covered everything about social media from newsletters to social media to podcasts. I took it all in and have a bunch of great notes so here are some of my favorite takeaways.

    @JoePulizzi – 5 Content Marketing Practices Business Ignore (and You Should Not)

    1.) Set goals for sales or sunshine
    2.) Why are you using each channel?
    3.) Focus on readers outcome
    4.) Create a content marketing missions statement
    5.) Don’t build your content ship on rented land

    @SavvyBostonian, @thingCHARGER, @MichaelHyatt – How To Use Social Video Marketing Successfully

    1.) Caution people when looking at a new initiative
    2.) Ask: is video the right channel for this strategy and goal?
    3.) The opening seconds of a video are the most important
    4.) Must add value so when you make a pitch it’s access to value
    5.) Do not get locked into a formula that always works

    @BrianClark, @Mike_Stelzner – How To Build A Multi-Author Blog For More Visibility And Sales

    1.) The best content spreads by itself
    2.) You have to publish great stuff and get the word out about it
    3.) Once you build an audience, they take care of it for you
    4.) An audience is a business asset that keeps giving back and back and back
    5.) Start simple and publish three times a week until you have a system in place

    @ChrisBrogan – Build Your Own Media Empire: Here’s How

    1.) Community is the most vital element in your stack
    2.) Make your buyer the hero and tell them how awesome they are
    3.) If it is a chore then leave it and delete all those subscribers
    4.) How do you make great media? With passion!
    5.) Stop sucking up to people above you and start helping those beside you

    Tweets From #SMMW14

    Besides that, there is a lot of good information to gather from the tweets and posts surrounding the #SMMW14 hashtag. Here are some of my favorites:

    To everyone I met during #SMMW14, thank you for the advice, ideas and creative thinking you all shared with me. I would love to hear what you thought about the conference (pros & cons) too so leave a comment below about your experience. Will you be attending #SMMW15?

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