The Top Tweets From the World’s Largest Webinar (#WLW14): The Good, The Bad and The Funny

Over 34,000 people signed up for the world’s largest webinar (#WLW14) yesterday breaking the previous record of 10,899 participants that was set by Hubspot in 2011. Some are calling it the best social media webinar of all time but I would disagree with that statement.

Here’s why.

The webinar failed to produce information that can’t already be found via a couple Google searches. Yes. I said it. The information was basic. And I wasn’t the only person who thought this.


Some examples of information that was shared by Hubspot, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter representatives included:

Twitter For Brands

  • Give people a compelling reason to follow your account
  • Include a URL to an important landing page
  • Feature your logo and visual elements to describe your company
  • Facebook Pages

  • Fill out complete and accurate information about your business
  • Have great cover pictures and cover photo
  • Test new types of content
  • Spend time in your Page insights to get info about your posts, audience and traffic
  • Use newsfeed advertising
  • LinkedIn Company Page

  • Write a company page that is informative and engaging
  • Use keywords that are relevant to your business to be found in search results
  • Use eye-catching images
  • Invite your company network to follow
  • Engage with your followers by posting updates
  • Some of you may find this information useful, but these types of tips are already attached to most social media marketer’s tool belts. We are already doing these things. Well, I guess at least most of us are.

    So let’s take a look at what other’s where saying during the webinar. Here are the top tweets from the world’s largest webinar yesterday:

    The Presenters

    The Good

    The Bad

    The Funny

    The Full Feed for #WLW14

    Did you participate in this webinar? Leave your comments below if you thought this webinar was basic too. OR share with everyone what tricks you found the most interesting. (Like Facebook’s rep telling everyone to use newfeed advertising, because isn’t the company pretty much forcing it upon everyone anyway?)

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