The Two Types of Social Media Buttons Every Website Should Have

This sounds like a pretty basic social media marketing blog and for the most part it is but often times I spot company blogs or websites that fail to utilize the different types of social buttons properly.

In short, every website should have these two types of social buttons present on all pages of their website or blog.

The two types of buttons I’m talking about are sharing buttons and follow buttons. They serve two entirely different purposes but when used effectively, can really boost your website traffic and social media following.


Sharing Buttons

Social media sharing buttons allow users to share your content with their followers. The more users who share your content, the more traffic you receive on your website. It’s a pretty simple concept but the biggest benefit behind these buttons are the social triggers they generate.


Each webpage share gives your website trust because they are indexed by Google and help you rank better in search engine results. The saying, “Content is King” can now be replaced with, “Trust is King”.

Sometimes social media buttons don’t work well because the metadata in the webpage you are trying to share isn’t setup properly. I see this all-the-time. When your social media buttons are not pulling the proper metadata from your webpage, it lowers the opportunity for engagement on social posts that are shared from your website.

The best remedy for this is to setup proper metadata. Facebook allows you to circle around websites with poor metadata because they offer a couple different tools to edit and customize your posts.

Follow Buttons

Social media follow buttons are typically found at the very top or bottom of a webpage, and like sharing buttons, sometimes have a counter next to them. They are designed to help increase your social media following by allowing users to become a fan by clicking them.


The greatest benefit behind follow buttons is that users become connected to your company or blog and it allows you to keep them in your circle so that they see the next piece of content or thought you have to share.

The biggest opportunity to increase your social media following is lost by not properly displaying follow buttons for each platform you are active on. Follow buttons, unlike share buttons, can and should be placed in every available space, digital or traditional.

In newsletters, in email signature blocks, on forum profiles and on any social media platform that allows you to display them (like YouTube). Put them on your business cards, handouts, flyers and advertisements. Take advantage of every opportunity to start a conversation online.

It’s important to double-check the hyperlinks you use when setting up follow buttons. A wrong url can lose you potential fans and that’s just poor social media marketing. Let people know which platforms you use with the proper icons so they can go and follow you. To be honest, this is by far easiest way to increase your social media following.

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