This is How You Can Find and Add Nearby Friends On Snapchat

Have you ever wanted to search for new friends on Snapchat?

For the first time ever Snapchat is introducing a feature to help you find and add new friends on the app.

Social networks rely upon the ability for it’s users to connect with other users within the app. Finding new friends is also important to keep a social network robust and growing.

Think LinkedIn’s “People you may know” feature, or Facebook’s “Find friends.” On Twitter, you can search for users you may want to follow. It’s the same with them all.

Snapchat never had a feature to find new friends but with the July first update, that is a thing of the past. Here is how you can add nearby friends on Snapchat.

How it Works

unnamedYou can now find and add friends nearby on Snapchat but there is a caveat. You may only find new local friends if they are searching for you at the same time.

To find new friends on Snapchat, first open the app.

Then, tap the ghost at the very top of the screen. A screen will slide down that shows your Snapcode and gives you an option to “Add Friends.” Choose this option.

Then, pick the option that says, “Add Nearby” with the wifi signal next to it. You will then be taken to a new screen that starts searching for Snapchatters nearby.

add-nearby-friends-on-snapchat.pngIf no one is searching at the same time you are, there won’t be any results. 🙁

It’s supposed to allow people that congregate in crowds to be able to mass-connect with each other. I can see it benefiting school campuses, live events, and even companies.

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