Updated Profile and Cover Image Sizes for New Twitter Web Profiles Template

Twitter announced today that their web profiles have changed for a small group of users and in the coming weeks, they will roll out the new features to everyone. So what does this mean to you?

New image sizes will need to be prepared for your new twitter web profile. To help get everyone prepared, I created this template that breaks down the image sizes that are now seen when viewing profiles on a computer screen.

There are two images that need to be formatted properly so that your profile keeps its professional look. The first is the avatar. I’m finding that this image can be between 430 pixels by 430 pixels and 512 pixels by 512 pixels in size. As long as your profile image stays within those parameters and remains a square, you should be fine.

Then there is the cover image. Or background image. However you refer to it, this image offers the greatest opportunity to creatively brand your profile. This image is now 1500 pixels by 500 pixels. However it does contain two dead zones. At the top and bottom of the image, there is about 60 pixels that are cut off.

Therefore, to maximize your messaging, you will want to make sure that you don’t cross the dead zones. I call them dead zones because users won’t be able to see anything you put in them. I have found that it is best to avoid any branding or messaging in these areas of your image.

Tip: Use a high definition picture that is greater than 1500 pixels wide and 500 pixels high. Using anything smaller may cause your image to become pixelated (you can see the squares) and won’t compliment your profile well. See the examples below.



Dead Zone Example

You will notice in the web profile above, Floyd’s head is cut off. But the background image uploaded actually shows all of his head. Too bad it’s in the dead zone.




Dead Zone Example

This cover image is well done. You can see that the ABC logo, day of the week and time the show airs is visible. What Kerry Washington can do to better her cover image is move the words, “The Secret is Out Scandal” up above her profile image. That’s just my opinion though.




Dead Zone Example

The Australian Football League does a good job understanding where the dead zone is. They don’t have any messaging or imagery that falls in the dead zone that would potentially skew their cover image.


Download Updated Twitter Cover Image Template

Click the image below to download the updated profile Twitter cover and profile image template. The file is a .zip file. After you extract the file, you will find two .psd (photoshop) files. One for the profile image and one for the cover image. You can always click here to download the template.


Click Image to Download

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