What Does A Google+ Interactive Ad Look Like?

When Google announced they were introducing interactive advertisements on their social network back in February, I was eager to see how they would differ from regular ads on AdWords. How would this new form of advertising help brands and marketers?

Google said that brands who helped test the product reported great success. When UK online fashion and beauty site ASOS ran a +Post ad during a hangout on Air, 71% of its live viewers watched from the ad unit.

Toyota USA experimented with +Post ads for their launch of the 2014 Corolla to which they experienced a 50% higher engagement rate than the industry average for rich media ads.

But it doesn’t look like these results are similar for all companies who run +Post ads. Seer Interactive, an internet marketing agency in Philadelphia has stopped running +Post ads because of the lack of customization and reporting on the ads.

What Does A Google+ Interactive Ad Look Like?

This is a G+ post that GoDaddy turned into a +Post ad.


This is the +Post ad located in the right sidebar of a website.


This is the +Post ad expanding. It takes two seconds for the ad to expand into a pop up.


This is the +Post ad after it has expanded to a pop up window.


This shows the +Post ad with +1, share and comment field. Users may also follow the G+ page associated with the ad.

What Does This Mean For Brands And Marketers?

Like any new advertising opportunities, brands and marketers should look to the core value of the the platform. Test messages. Test ad images. Run multiple ads and then analyze the findings. Perhaps the messaging needs to be altered. Or maybe the content of the ad isn’t fitting for the platform.

As Mark Traphagen points out:

These ads are content rather than advertising messages. If done right, they actually can add value for the viewer of a web page, rather than be a distraction. So they serve to build your brand goodwill and authority.

Check out his G+ post about +Post ads below. You will find a lot of good information, takeaways and answers to questions you may have.

Have you tried +Post ads yet? If so, please share your feedback in the comment section below.

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