What If Facebook Picture Albums Became Picture Slideshows When Embedded on Websites?

In my opinion, I think Facebook has a huge opportunity to make an impact in the image slideshow widget realm and further increase content sharing organically via their platform by giving third party websites a robust tool to actively display content.

YouTube was the first to enable embedding of content while Twitter, Facebook and Instagram also offer the feature. Although Facebook is the largest social media network, they were the last to adopt this into their inventory of marketing tools.

So what if Facebook picture albums posts became image slideshows when embedded on third party websites? I’m talking about slide-share meets Facebook picture albums.

This is what I envision:


Then when you hit the arrow to the next image, it would automatically load the next picture in the album.


And this would continue throughout the entire album until you circle around to the album’s first image.


I feel like this would really help with content providers and Facebook’s goal of keeping their content on their servers but allowing it to be embedded on other websites. The storage that these images would require wouldn’t exist because they live on Facebook. It would allow pages, or users, to keep their content in the social realm with the option to use it on their own blogs.

What do you think? Would you embed more picture albums if they were slideshows?

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