What People Have to Say About Instagram Introducing Ads Soon

We all knew it was coming but we just weren’t 100% sure when. Well, the latest news is that ads are coming to Instagram and they will be here in the coming months.

You can now expect to see them pop up in your news feed and users are having mixed feelings about the news so I compiled this brief compilation of tweets from random users regarding what they have to say about Instagram introducing ads soon.

According to many tweets that I’ve seen, users are saying that they are going to move over to another mobile picture sharing platform known as Pressgram. According to their profile:

We publish pictures worth 1,000 words. In your pocket. – @Pressgram

I thought this to be an interesting plan but $3-$5 dollars a month may still be a steep fair for some users. Would you pay a small fee to stay ad free on Instagram?

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