YouTube Makes Changes to Their Comments Allowing the Addition of URLs

Google recently made some changes to their comments on YouTube that allows you to add URLs to your comments and now integrates Google+ comments with YouTube comments.

The addition of URLs in comments is big for marketers and for spammers. It will be interesting to see how well YouTube does in monitoring the links shared in the comment sections of uploaded videos. Monitoring these links will help ensure users like you are not be subject to malware attacks or viruses.

Along with the addition of URLs, YouTube also now enables you to post comments to Google+ directly through the video page. You may share them publicly or with a specific circle.

Google+ posts that link to videos or channels will also appear as comments on YouTube, marked “via Google+”.
– YouTube

In my opinion, this feature is another attempt to further align Google’s social media network with their video-sharing platform. The first sign of this integration appeared when Google initiated Google identity, which allowed users to decide if they wanted to connect their Google+ profile with their YouTube channels instead of using a username like, “ejf2433”.

Here is a list of other additions that YouTube has made to their comments:

  • Choose who can see your comment – by default, comments are public, but now you can choose who can see your comments (similar to G+)
  • Share your comment in more places – Share your comments to G+ or specific circles that are setup in you G+ profile
  • Reply to comments – comment replies are now threaded to show conversations within the comment section
  • Use rich text – you may now add some style to your comments such as, bolding, italics or strikethrough (G+ enabled this a while back)
  • Add URLs – you may now add links to your comments
  • More options – edit comments, delete your comment, disable replies, and disable re-shares
  • Notifications – get notifications of replies and mentions in comments
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