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Senior VP of Marketing at Crew Enterprises ~ VP of Marketing at Book & Ladder ~ 13+ Years in Marketing ~ Proven Leader in Financial Services & Property Management ~ Team Builder & Strategic Innovator

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Thirteen years ago I started a podcast that helped me understand my passion for digital marketing.

Back then I was a sophomore in college at Cal State Fullerton, University seeking my Bachelor’s degree. I was an avid fan of Mixed Martial Arts and followed the sport closely. I interviewed fighters and would record our conversations. It became a hobby of mine to create the content and I learned how to optimize it for dissemination and consumption.

This enthusiasm I have for digital marketing helped me turn the podcast into a website and generate a revenue stream.

During my senior year I moved on from podcasting to creating videos. A couple of my videos had gone viral on YouTube and I used the money I received from advertisement revenue sharing with Google to pay for my tuition.

Instead of finding an investor, I found a spouse. She nudged me into applying for a digital marketing role at TRAFFIK, a local advertising agency in Orange County. I was immediately challenged with coming up with social media marketing campaigns for multiple different types of clients, including many in highly-regulated industries.

Going from extreme-sports content marketing to healthcare social media marketing was a big change. Having to work with compliance helped me grow professionally and prepare me for the role I had at Pacific Life Insurance Company.

After five years of working for the whale, I was recruited by ChargeTech to take the helm of their marketing department. During my time with ChargeTech I helped turn website sales from red to green and generated profits for the company month-over-month. Before I could keep the momentum going, I was extended an offer to return to a previous employer as the Vice President of Marketing and Sales. It was this same employer that I was working with when I started the podcast.

I’m currently the Senior Vice President of Marketing for Crew Enterprises and the Vice President of Marketing for Book & Ladder. Crew is a private real estate equity firm specializing in student and multifamily housing. Book & Ladder is a property management company that manages over 25 properties across the United States with over 200 employees.

I am still an avid MMA fan. 👊


Lauren Padilla

Vice President, Marketing at PennyMac Loan Services, LLC

It’s rare that you come across a diligent, hard-working and skilled talent such as Tyler. I had the pleasure of working with Tyler for a year and a half at TRAFFIK, where he helped to educate me on all things social media, YouTube, blogging, SEO, and analytics.

Tyler has the ability to handle multiple projects for clients ranging in all different industries. He was a true asset to our team and liked by all. As a fellow colleague, I would highly recommend Tyler as anyone would be lucky to have him on their team!

Jackie Chu

Global SEO Lead at Uber - Biz Intelligence

Tyler is an absolute pleasure to work with. In my time at TRAFFIK his consistent work ethic and proactive nature have been integral l to making things in the agency run smoothly. He is always the first person to volunteer his services and talents, and is constantly thinking of new ways to helps his clients. At TRAFFIK he has sole responsibility for nearly all our social media clients.

He also realizes the importance in professional growth, and is an earnest learner and has picked up tricks in programming, SEO and graphic design. I highly recommend Tyler for any of his future pursuits, without hesitation.


Crew Enterprises

Full-time • 4 yrs

Aliso Viejo, California

Crew Enterprises is a private real estate investment firm that specializes in acquiring multifamily and student housing apartment communities across the United States.

Senior Vice President of Marketing

Aug 2020 - Present • 4 yrs

    • Responsible for core marketing strategies that support capital markets
    • Work directly with the Capital Markets team to prioritize marketing projects
    • Comfortable dealing with ambiguity and tight deadlines
    • Understands how to identify industry, market, and property KPIs
    • Deep understanding of digital marketing analytics
    • Able to translate marketing data into actionable insights
    • Responsible for creating marketing and leasing data dashboards
    • Capable of determining short-term and long-term marketing opportunities
    • Acts as an internal thought leader that is easy to approach
    • Deep understanding of how to produce compliant marketing content
    • Collaborative team member with stellar interpersonal savvy
    • Comfortable working across departments to execute company initiatives
    • Driven professional who comes to work with pride and enthusiasm
    • Manages a team of six marketing professionals


    • Deployed marketing campaigns that resulted in 9.5 million AUM
    • Designed and built an innovative broker-dealer resource website
    • Optimized marketing operations process for optimal execution
    • Generated over 60 pieces of content and collateral for sales team
    • Oversee the overall results of the Marketing department
    • Manage a team of marketing professionals
    • Create marketing strategies that solve business solutions
    • Review and analyze marketing analytics with an emphasis on ROI
    • Drive collaboration through teamwork and transparency

Vice President of Marketing

Aug 2020 - Jan 2024 • 3yrs 5 mos

  • Oversee the overall results of the Marketing department
  • Manage a team of marketing professionals
  • Create marketing strategies that solve business solutions
  • Review and analyze marketing analytics with an emphasis on ROI
  • Drive collaboration through teamwork and transparency

Digital Marketing Specialist

Aug 2020 - Jul 2021 • 1 yr

  • Manage and update website as needed
  • Conducted marketing attribution analysis of leads and leases
  • Setup property paid ad accounts for Google/Meta
  • Provided social media training for financial professionals
  • Marketing liaison for 3rd party property management companies

Book & Ladder

Full-time • 4 yrs

Aliso Viejo, California, United States

Book & Ladder is a property management company that manages 25+ student and multi-family apartment communities across the United States.

Vice President of Marketing

Jan 2022 - Present • 4 yrs

  • Experience with designing, building, and managing high-performing websites
  • Websites are strategically designed to focus on lead generation and conversion
  • Always thinking outside of the box with innovative strategies and ideas
  • Designed and created 26 websites in 25 months
  • Ample knowledge of SEO/SEM best practices and strategies
  • Proficient at managing agency relationships to ensure deliverables are satisfied
  • Understands how to optimize marketing campaigns to drive quality leads
  • Experience managing email marketing campaigns using multiple platforms
  • Worked closely with Accounting to optimize marketing budget templates
  • Provide training to General Managers on how to manage their marketing budget
  • Manage and oversee digital marketing budgets for 25 properties simultaneously
  • Familiar with top social media marketing platforms and automation software
  • Responsible for online reputation management for each property
  • Deep understanding of how to produce Fair Housing compliant marketing content

  • Accomplishments

    • Designed and built 26 high-performing websites in 25 months
    • Generated an average 60 leads and 10 leases per day for the portfolio
    • Managed over $250,000 in annual digital marketing spend
    • Helped Multi-Family portfolio secure 95%+ occupancy
    • Helped Student housing portfolio secure 93% pre-lease

Digital Marketing Director

Aug 2021 - Dec 2021 • 5 mos

  • Oversee the overall results of the Marketing department
  • Manage a team of marketing professionals 
  • Create marketing strategies that solve business solutions
  • Review and analyze marketing analytics with an emphasis on ROI
  • Drive collaboration through teamwork and transparency

Digital Marketing Specialist

Aug 2020 - Jul 2021 • 1 yr


Full-time • 10 mos

Mission Viejo, California, United States

Vice President of Marketing & Sales

Jun 2019 - Mar 2020 • 10 mos

Oversee strategy, execution, and reporting of all marketing efforts in order to achieve BLVCKDOT’s desired business goals. Plan, allocate, and optimize digital and traditional advertising budgets. Manage third-party marketing agencies and website development ensuring results are attained in a timely fashion. Manage web, social, and email content for brand reputation, content marketing, customer service, and customer acquisition. Oversee onboarding of new marketing and sales technology software across all channels. Report on results of all marketing activities and provide actionable insights to continually optimize customer acquisition cost. 

  • Launched a new business division for the company
  • Launched first software plugin product for the company
  • Exceeded target customer acquisition costs by 40%
  • Increased website traffic and conversion rates (MOM)


Full-time • 6 mos

Irvine, California, United States

Marketing Director

Dec 2018 - May 2019 • 6 mos

Provide strategic planning, support, and recommendations to generate results from digital marketing campaigns. Collaborate with key stakeholders both internally and externally to develop and implement digital strategies at scale. Lead team in the development and execution of best-in-class digital marketing campaigns that build awareness, drive sales, and increase customer engagement.

  • Digital marketing infrastructure optimized in 60 days
  • Website redesign generated 45% increase in ROI (MOM)
  • Increased ROAS from industry average to above average
  • Generated over 80 pieces of sales collateral for sales team

Pacific Life

Full-time • 5 yrs

Orange County, California, United States

Digital Marketing Strategist

Nov 2017 - Nov 18 • 1 yr 1 mo

Responsible for the social media program and served as a key contributor to lead generation and client retention marketing campaigns in the Life Insurance Division at Pacific Life. In charge of spotting digital marketing trends, technologies, and opportunities and presenting them back to executive management. Additionally, I helped cross-functional teams develop and evolve marketing campaigns utilizing best-in-class digital marketing strategies. I worked closely with channel managers to create online advertising creative media, search engine optimization content and social media resources. Developed strategic social media tactics for financial professionals and trained them how to use digital marketing for their business.

  • Trained 180+ financial professionals how to use social media
  • Delivered social media tactics that generated $10 million+ AUM
  • Managed content library of over 250 pieces of content
  • Regular public speaker at company and client conferences

Sr. Social Media Specialist

Aug 2014 - Nov 2017 • 3 yrs 4 mos

Responsible for the optimization and production of thought leadership content for marketing campaigns. In charge of managing monthly social media campaigns and a library of social content for RSD salesforce. Oversee and operate content strategy for four LinkedIn showcase pages representing each line of business within RSD. Collaborate with multiple departments to help meet various business goals. Assist with training when necessary.

  • Never missed a social media monthly campaign in three years
  • Digital marketing team lead for award winning campaign
  • Trusted consultant for thought leadership content and SEO
  • Helped build and launch Social Selling microsite
  • Produced innovative strategies for product launches

Sr. Social Media Content Specialist

Dec 2013 - Aug 2014 • 9 mos

Responsible for the execution of social media content strategies. Oversee and drive content strategy including planning, sourcing, creating, and managing content to maximize engagement between RSD salesforce and financial advisors. Helped optimize multiple digital marketing campaigns based upon statistical analysis.

  • Maintained a 91% social media compliance approval rate
  • Maintained “Extremely Strong” engagement KPIs (YOY)
  • Launched first installment of Social Selling campaign
  • Led strategy for Pension-Risk Transfer digital experience


Full-time • 1 yr 5 mos

Irvine, California, United States

Social Media Coordinator

Aug 2012 - Dec 2013 • 1 yr 5 mos

Responsible for creative strategy, content marketing, analysis, and reporting for 35 various digital marketing platforms. Platforms include social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn as well as content management systems such as WordPress and Joomla! Managed Facebook ad spend for Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising.

  • Increased Fashion Institute’s social ad spend ROI by 400%
  • Generated 30% more customers for IQ Laser Vision 

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